Casadona Group is the family office of the Donadeo family with its head office located in Calgary, Alberta.

The Casadona Group of companies includes Casadona Investments Corp. and Casadona Properties Inc. The portfolio of assets in these entities are intended to provide a diversified portfolio of investments including fixed income, equities, commercial and rental residential real estate. The overriding strategy of the family office is underpinned with the desire to develop the internal human capital and resources to self-manage the portfolio of investments. The company is focused on providing competitive lower risk returns, targeted towards the long term inter-generational preservation of capital.



Casadona’s board of directors serves an important function in terms of providing assistance in the development of the company’s strategy as well as providing independent guidance and direction to Casadona’s management team in the execution of the strategy.  The board is currently comprised of the following 3 members:

Lorenzo Donadeo, P. Eng. – Managing Director of Casadona Investments and Properties. Lorenzo is also Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Vermilion Energy Inc., an international publicly traded company listed on the Toronto and New York Stock exchanges, with an enterprise value of $6.2 Billion, which acquires, explores for, develops and produces oil and natural gas. Vermilion has been a top performing company that has provided sector leading returns in excess of 30% compounded annually since inception over 24 years ago.

Randy Magnussen – Principal of R. Magnussen Consulting Ltd. Randy has been active in the real estate industry for more than 35 years, most recently as an Executive Vice President at Bentall Kennedy LP. He currently sits on Bentall Kennedy’s board of directors.

John Walker – John has a diverse background as an analyst and portfolio manager of both equities and fixed income securities in Canada and the US. He was responsible for managing a trust company in Barbados for 10 years and built its’ private debt portfolio with high credit quality assets. Currently, John is a Corporate Finance Director working with private equity companies to provide the proper debt structure for companies in their portfolio.



Franco Donadeo – Vice President of Business Development for Casadona. Franco has been with Casadona since inception in 2011 and has played an integral part, along with the board of directors, in the development of Casadona Investments’ Investment Policy Statement and the execution of that strategy. He was also a fundamental part in developing Casadona Properties’ Commercial and Rental Residential Real Estate Strategy and has been tasked with the duty of executing that strategy.

Tony Donadeo – Manager of Operations Accounting for Casadona Investments. Tony has been an integral part of Casadona Investments since 2011 and is responsible for all of its accounting and finance functions.



The name Casadona is based on a combination of “casa” (“home” in Italian, which relates to the fact it is a family office) and “dona”, the first half of the Donadeo family name. The values of hard work, commitment, respect, responsibility and trust are important aspects of our brand and are a key foundation of our mandate.

Our family roots in Puglia, Italy are a source of history and pride. Puglia is a fertile area renowned for agriculture, in particular olives. Today we strive to just as successfully grow seed investments into thriving and sustaining entities. Although we feel that as a family business, pride in the past is important, we are also proud of our modern brand which is firmly rooted in, and relevant to the family position today.



Our goal was to create a modern family “crest” that spoke to both the Donadeo family as well as a broader stakeholder audience. The crest symbolizes our personal investment in the company.

The symbol of the tree speaks to our goal of growing investment capital and also of a growing and thriving business. Its’ strong roots represent two generations coming together to form Casadona. The inspiration of the tree’s shape is from the aspen, ubiquitous to Alberta, as a symbol of pride in where the family is today.

The icon shape references classic family crests, but has been fully modernized. The top could be a crown, castle (“casa”) or a stylized Calgary city skyline, expressing both security and pride.

The colour of the logo is rich black. The icon’s green reinforces the concept of sustainable growth. The green is a sophisticated take on the colour and is a subtle nod to the olive trees of the family’s Italian roots.