Casadona understands that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. We live by the old adage of ‘to those who much is given, much is expected’ and Casadona will continue to honour that adage by giving back to the community in a responsible manner.

Our community and charitable giving program is a reflection of our company values and allows us to develop and strengthen the corporate culture in our company. Casadona embodies five core values that guide us in everything we do. Casadona believes that our values of hard-work, commitment, trust, respect, and responsibility, will allow us to continue to be successful in a sustainable way.

Our community investment program supports non-profit, charitable organizations, and educational organizations in the communities where Casadona’s staff lives and works.


Our charitable giving program is focused on five investment areas:

  • Education
  • Brain Health & Injuries
  • Animal Rescue & Preservation
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Homelessness & Poverty
    • Single Mothers
    • Kids Sports


Casadona and the Donadeo family have made a number of donations to various charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured: ARBI

ARBI provides intensive community-based rehabilitation and family support in a nurturing environment. With personalized rehabilitation, and lots of encouragement, survivors can once again enjoy fulfilling lives in their communities. Building on strengths, families can pave the way for the future with confidence and optimism. Casadona has provided funding to pay for one full year of the ARBI 101 program. 

Canadian Red Cross

We have continued to support the Canadian Red Cross which is dedicated to improving the situation of the most vulnerable throughout the world.  The devastating destruction surrounding thousands of people during the Fort McMurray, Alberta forest fires and the Japan earthquake and tsunami were causes that resonated with us.

Donadeo Innovation Center of Engineering

The Donadeo Family has made a donation to the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering which will allow it to grow student enrollment and increase its capacity for teaching and research. Lorenzo Donadeo, is an alumni of the U of A who graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1981.

The Donadeo Innovation Center of Engineering will provide approximately 300,000 square feet of exceptional space to support expanded educational and research activities in the Faculty of Engineering. It allows a major expansion of engineering programs.

The gift is a way for the Donadeo family to say thank you for the great work the Faculty of Engineering does and it will help teach and develop the future leaders of tomorrow. It is also a reflection of understanding that we have a responsibility to give back to the community.

Donadeo Family Award

Casadona has created a multi-year bursary at Mount Royal University to assist individuals that require financial assistance in order to further their education. Casadona has a strong belief that education is the key to providing the tools to achieve independence, fulfillment and self-sufficiency.  This has led to our Mount Royal University commitment to provide financial support to those who require it.

Calgary Food Bank

Casadona is a significant supporter of the Calgary Food Bank, which is in direct alignment with our focus on homelessness and poverty.  The Calgary Food Bank is dedicated to gathering and distributing quality emergency food to those in need.  It distributed 262 emergency food hampers per day in 2016 to the less fortunate Calgarians going through difficult times. Casadona’s directors, employees and family members also held a Day of Caring at the Calgary Food Bank assisting in the sorting of donated food.

MS Society of Alberta

We have been a long-time supporter of the MS Society of Alberta. The MS Society provides much needed support and services to people who are living with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This support helps people affected with MS to effectively manage and cope with the difficult disease. Much of our past donations have been focused towards “Team Julia” captained by Julia Nimilowich whom is a strong advocate for MS research and leads a team of participants in the annual MS Walk in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Mustard Seed

Through our focus on Homelessness and Poverty, we continue to support the Mustard Seed who support individuals to ensure their basic needs are met.  They also focus on growing hope so that these individuals are supported toward sustainable life change and integration into the broader community.

United Way of Calgary

The Donadeo family has contributed to the United Way of Calgary for numerous years as it provides individuals and families the opportunity to reach their potential and improve their quality of life. United Way funds a number of programs that can range from teaching conflict-resolution skills to high-risk families, enabling a senior to live independently, or helping a high school student stay in school.  United Way’s impact on Calgary is local, tangible and meaningful and it really does make the city a great city for all.

Casadona Properties, as part of its’ ongoing Casadona Commitment to the Community (“CCC”) program has initiated a $10,000 Casadona Kids Sports Sponsorship program. This community giving program demonstrates our support to the community surrounding Casadona Properties’ wholly owned Auburn Bay Station Retail Center. Casadona understands that it has a responsibility to give back and support the communities in which its’ customers and employees work and live. The Casadona Kids Sports Sponsorship program is intended to support kid’s team sports in the communities surrounding the Auburn Bay Station Retail Center. Over the next year, Casadona will provide twenty $500 donations to kid’s sports teams in the surrounding communities that best fit the qualification criteria. In total, this $10,000 sponsorship program demonstrates Casadona’s strong commitment to our community and to encouraging and supporting kid’s sports.